To place an order with us you may either email us your enquiry through our email address listed on our contact page, or you may print out and mail our enquiry form. Please click the link below.
Order Enquiry Form

Payment can be made in full before our work is started or after our work is finished. We ask that a 25% deposit be paid upfront first if payment is to be made after the work is finished (we will contact you to let you know an estimated cost beforehand, or if you give us a specific timeframe). We also have the option of paying by a retainer if that works out better for our clients (any unused funds will be returned to the client). We can work with the client to arrange for other payment plans if necessary. Please contact us if there are any questions regarding our payment options.

We will accept the following types of payment:
  • Personal Cheque (will accept foreign currency cheques - please see note below)
  • Cashier's Cheque or Bank Draft (British Pound Sterling only)
  • Money/Postal Order (British Pound Sterling only)
  • Paypal (credit/debit cards & foreign currency)

  • NOTE: If you can only make a payment in a foreign currency cheque we will have to charge a fee of 10.00 as the banks will charge a service fee to handle this type of transaction. We regret any inconvenience this may cause.

    Please make all cheques and money/postal orders payable to: "CAROLYN MCNICHOLL."