For most client's we can trace their ancestors back to about the 1790s, sometimes back to the 1750s or beyond depending upon the sources available and the information they contain on a particular person or family. It should be noted that not every family can be traced this far back (there are some families that don't leave much of a paper trail, or the sources needed to find the information are lost or destroyed). There are no guarantees of success until all sources available are checked. We will always try our best to find as much information as possible about a client's family. We search all the possible resources available in Scotland to help find your ancestors.

In order for us to start working on your family history project we will need some information about your family or ancestor. It is ok if not very much is known - just a name or two, a date of birth, marriage, or death, parents names if known, town or parish location of birth, marriage, or death, and any other information that might be important to help us get started in our search for your Scottish ancestors. Once we have your information, we will get started on our research for you. It is that simple.

As an example of our research work, we have a sample report written for a past client that can be viewed. Please note that for privacy reasons we have blacked out the last names and dates of the main individuals involved in the report.

MGS Sample Research Report